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Ref A: DAOD 9004-1
B: DAOD 2007-2
D: Memo Dated 12 Oct 2018 (DCOS Sp)


Excerpts from Ref D

The Natl CJCR Sp Gp will implement the DND/CAF policies on responsible use of cannabis across the formation and will provide further direction. The current policy will apply to all adults, volunteers, Military and Civilian, along with the cadets themselves. Prohibition periods during and leading up to activities will apply. The safety and well-being of cadets is paramount and we must ensure that the cadets under the supervision are protected at all times. This also applies to adults under our care and supervision. Professional conduct is expected from all. This includes making responsible choices with respect to Cannabis consumption, whether for recreational or medical purposes.

The legal age for cannabis consumption and possession varies from 18 to 19 years of age depending on the Province. Cadets, regardless of legal status, SHALL NOT consume or possess cannabis when involved in any cadet activity or consume cannabis in the prohibited periods leading up to cadet activities. A CANCDTGEN will be forthcoming. The cadet program will continue to deliver a set of fun, challenging, well-organized and safe activities in an impairment-free environment.

MEMO - Cannabis Policy
CANCDTGEN 013 - Recreational Use of Cannabis